1/20 Mugshots (Acoustic) - Ashkum, IL

1/27 The Bar (Acoustic) - Clifton, IL

2/3 Acadiana - Morgan City, LA

2/4 DaT Sauce Super Bowl Party - Morgan City, LA

2/5 DaT Sauce Super Bowl Party - Morgan City, LA

2/16 Elbo Room - Chicago, IL

2/25 The Bar - Clifton, IL

3/10 Big Al's (Acoustic) - Mooresville, NC

3/17 Mugshots St. Patty's Day/DaT Sauce Launch Party!! - Ashkum, IL

3/18 Boondocks - Gilman, IL

4/7 Kankakee Area Music Awards Official After Party at The Spot on Broadway - Bradley, IL

4/8 Conrad's Saloon (Acoustic) - Ashkum, IL

4/26 Volkan Night Club - Chicago, IL

4/28 Mugshots w/ Red Ransom - Ashkum, IL

4/29 Traditions w/ Red Ransom - Watseka, IL

5/5 Cinco De Mayo Bash at Elbo Room w/ Red Ransom, Raccoon Party, and more! - Chicago, IL

5/13 Ne's Place (Acoustic) - Piper City, IL

5/18 Iron Thunder Bike Night (Acoustic) - Hickory, NC

6/8 Twin Kegs II (During CMA Fest) - Nashville, TN

6/9 Beaverville Pub - Beaverville, IL

6/10 Private Event

6/30 Traditions - Watseka, IL

7/1 The BigHouse - Chatsworth, IL

8/16 Frisky Frog's Writers On the Rise Showcase - Nashville, TN

8/24 Iron Thunder Bike Night (Acoustic) - Hickory, NC

8/26 DoubleTree Inn (Acoustic) - Atlantic Beach, NC

9/27 Frisky Frog's Writers On the Rise Featured Artist Showcase - Nashville, TN

9/29 Big Al's (Acoustic) - Mooresville, NC

9/30 Breakers Live - Columbia, SC

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New interview with Battered and Brewed!

"Roll With Ya" music video is on deck.  Get ready!!!

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