DUSTY "If I Was There" Single 2018 PRODUCTION CREDITS: Audio Produced by Dustin Newcombe - Video Co-Production and Co-Direction by Dustin Newcombe and Corinne Noelle - Recorded and Mixed by Ricky Rodriguez at Bombhouse Recording Studio, Morganton, NC - Mastering by Sage Audio, Nashville, TN

We crashed a pool party in Nashville, TN, and passed out GoPros to everyone. The following ensued. DUSTY Roll With Ya Released 2017




"When the James Younger Gang split, former frontman Dustin Newcombe could have hung his hat and called it a day. No one would have blamed him.  Even if he had replaced his old band mates, the soul of the southern rock quartet would have never been the same.  The original members had gone their separate ways, splintering the sound that had made them a hit. Instead, Newcombe (taking on the new persona “DUSTY”) dusted off his boots and proved he wasn't a one trick pony.  In fact, he was a jack of all trades. In his debut solo album, Released, he fuses rock, rap, funk and pop into a sound that is as catchy as it is sexy.  "I Wish I Knew Your Name" showcases his trademark rock vocals in an addictive single perfect for radio while assuring old fans he hasn't forgotten his roots.  Yet Dusty isn't afraid to try something new.  In the song, "Jesus Willie Nelson", vocals reminiscent of Butthole Surfers, "Pepper", mutter over bluesy guitar riffs while "Bad Girl" tempers a rock melody with a pop rhythm and twist. It's a mash-up of genres that remains consistent through several songs on the album.  Dusty finds a way to make it work, creating a sound that will entice a diverse crowd.  By the end of the album, it becomes evident that Released will boldly pave the road to a promising solo career for an already notable artist."
-Liz Carlton, Freelance, "Elli Writes", and author of "The Royal Rogue" series


"DUSTY is back with a vengeance. These new tracks will have people grooving rather than sitting around bored un-amused. Each of these songs are fun and aren't that cookie cutter bullshit that's all over the radio. If you're looking for something new to listen to then I highly recommend that you give Dusty's new material a listen and then tell each of your friends to do the same."
-Jeremy Gilley, ROCKWiRED Magazine